Hello, welcome to our new home, this little big piece of us. We almost named this new venture “Bridges & Pearls” (instead of “Two Poppies”). All of our lives, Lynne and I have felt as if we were not on the inside looking out, but also not on the outside looking in ~ we see ourselves as standing on the bridge in between. In between cool & un-cool, trendy & quirky, nerdy & popular, safe & adventurous, religious & spiritual, confident & self-conscious, progressive & traditional… Being a bridge person can sometimes feel uncomfortable, not quite fitting in, however we feel it helps us relate to and understand more. We can see a piece of ourselves in everyone.

We are preparing our hearts to open ~ and come to this place to share our truths, our “pearls”, with you. There are a lot of locked up pieces of ourselves that are waiting to be revealed. Some we are ready to share, some might take us a little while, and some have yet to reveal themselves to us.  We plan to be honest, risky, and authentic in our art and our stories that we share with you on Two Poppies. Welcome to our journey. And thank you for visiting, we hope you come back…





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  1. I like this place.


    Go you. The both of you.

    1. Thank you for the good morning smile! Your comment warms my heart. :S

  2. You guys ROCK! I loved reading your blog posts. So genuine and inspiring. Don’t be afraid or shy, you have a gift to share with the world.

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