written on August 26, 2013 (posted on September 20 ~ ‘cuz that’s my life!)


So, I’m a dreamer. I have big dreams for my life – and I have literal nighttime dreams that leave me with important messages when I awake. I know I’m supposed to share these truths with people, so that’s what I’m doing.

I just got back from an amazing vacation to Kauai. So blessed. So, so blessed. However in my family (as I’m sure for most) – travel also brings stress. As does returning from travel – especially returning to “real life” (prepping for school, figuring out what the heck I’m doing with my life/career) coming from vacation-time decisions like, “should we hike to a waterfall, go to the beach, or hang by the pool today?”

In a bit of a funk ~ low energy, negative thoughts, closed ~ I missed the play mode of vacation. Then, I had an awesome dream. It was a dream where my mom was telling me that one time when she was a mom with young kids, life sometimes overwhelmed her and didn’t feel fun or happy. She said that she realized, if she wanted to smile, she just needed to do it. Just that simple. Smile. Then, in my dream, a group of kids walked by singing a little diddy, “laugh if you want to laugh, smile if you want to smile, and play if you want to play…”  The melody was so catchy — I wish I was a song-writer, because I can’t even sing it properly even though I can still hear it so clearly in my mind.

So, that next day I decided to do just that. I went for a walk in nature. I smiled while I washed dishes (it was forced at first – but then I felt the ease it brought to my mood). I painted my arms with water colors and then ran and hula hooped with my daughter in the sprinklers. So fun ~ I highly recommend doing this! I lightened up – on purpose – with purpose. I chose (and created the setting for) a better outlook.

It really works. Laugh if you want to laugh, smile if you want to smile, and play if you want to play ~ give it a try!

Peace today my friends!
: Suzee

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  1. Suzee, your girls are so lucky to have such a cool mom. I bet they were feeling the same blahs after vacation. And then you rocked their world and painted your arms and ran in the sprinklers.

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