Hello everyone! In just a day or two, Suzee and I will FINALLY be on the road to publishing our first book, A Beautiful Rainbow World.  Our Kickstarter campaign has been submitted for review and as soon as we get the okay, it’s a go! While this has been years in the making, for whatever reason, this last step has held us back.  We’ve been waiting, waiting until our website was up, waiting until our lives are less crazy (that will never happen), waiting for the right season, waiting until Mercury was no longer in retrograde (it’s the truth!),  but really all the waiting is a just a synonym for FEAR, except for maybe the Mercury in retrograde part. You never want to mess with the universe! While we are still a little anxious, Opening the Creative Channel allowed us to let go of the fear and embrace what we feel we need/are called, really,  to share with the world.  We can’t wait to announce our official launch of A Beautiful Rainbow World, so check Facebook for updates and if you feel called to help us, think you would love the book (we do!),  want to return a favor,  pay it forward in some way,  you just really dig us, or perhaps we are related to you (hint mom and dad!) , we’d be forever grateful for your support in making one of our dreams a reality! Plus we think the perks for supporting our project are pretty neat, so check them out! 🙂

With that, I’d like to add to Suzee’s piece about our  blissful trip to the bay area. She couldn’t have expressed my feelings about the trip more perfectly. Andrea, Laurie, our new friends/TRIBE!, San Francisco and Alameda all gave us more than we could have ever hoped. I’m continuing the story in images from this very special time, I hope I’ve done her wonderful words justice. So here’s my version of Opening the Creative Channel in the language I’m most comfortable speaking (for now), pictures.  Cheers!

AND, after our awesomely perfect weekend, I came home to this.

My heart is full. Thank you, Andrea and Laurie. Thank you, Suzee. Thank you, tribe (you know who you are). Thank you, my sweet and perfectforme family. Love you all.


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  1. breathe in … breathe out… & sigh… remembering the absolute comfort I felt during that whole weekend. Your words and photos are perfect Lynne. Love, Suzee

  2. Oh Lynne
    These are just beautiful and do so capture the magic and fairy dust in that weekend (the colors the joy).
    Just what I needed after this rough day!
    Thanks for sharing

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