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We recently adopted a puppy. I swore I was not going to get another pet – but when my daughters were begging for a hamster I accidentally let the words slip, “I’d rather get another dog than a hamster”… no turning back from that comment in my house!

So, my oldest (and most persistent) was constantly perusing the website for Cuddly Canines, the rescue organization where we had adopted our dog Trixie. (Side note, Cuddly Canines specializes in mama dogs and puppies ~ usually abandoned pregnant at the shelter. This creates a website that is always full of adorable puppy faces to oodle over!)

My daughter was smitten with several puppies ~ but when a litter popped up that had Trixie’s same birthday, I was willing to take a look. When the foster mama called about making an appointment to meet “June”, the puppy that we were interested in, she asked if by chance we were Trixie’s parents (she had remembered the city we lived in which is fairly far from their organization). It turned out that she is the parent to Trixie’s brother, Blaze, and now a regular foster family for the rescue… So freaky cool! As the discussion progressed, we also found out that the day we were asking to meet June was the exact date (the foster mom’s daughter’s birthday), 5 years later, that we had met Trixie… serendipity to max!

We adopted “June”, who now goes by the name “Alice” (we let dad name her so he felt more invested – and we all think it fits her perfectly). Having a puppy again is a very big task – mostly in the area of potty training. However the lessons she has been teaching us can’t be overlooked.

First, watching her sleep (once she’s adequately tired out!) is a reminder of how to fully melt into a deeply relaxed state. Her body becomes completely limp, and actually molds to whatever surface she’s lying on (lap, pillow, arms). She falls asleep so thoroughly that she has actually slipped off of my daughter’s lap and nearly off of mine as well! During a recent yoga class, when my instructor said breathe in ~ and then breathe out and release ALL of your anxiety, ALL of your to-do lists, etc., little Alice was my muse. I channeled my inner-Alice and really sank into the mat at a level I’ve not reached before. It felt so amazing!

Watching her discover the world through fresh eyes (and ears and mouth and limbs) is a lesson in going back to the world each day with newness. Listen to the birds chirping ~ watch the butterfly float by ~ smell that flower ~ taste the mint leaf ~ play with the stick, or ball, or rope ~ RUN!!!! RUN!!! RUN!!! Wildly run and circle and bounce! Jump off steps! Be excited to see your friends! Show your enthusiasm when you are offered a treat, or dinner! Move through life with joy and new discovery… Love unconditionally. Love excitedly. Love and live with enthusiasm for our amazing world. A whole world can be discovered in a backyard, or a park, or a cozy living room on a rainy day. Life can be joyful and amazing just where you are.

I’m going to try my best to continue seeking advice from Alice ~ on how to live. On how to see. On how to love. Join me? (and any time you want to puppy sit ~ just let me know!)

: Suzee

P.S. I forgot to mention ~ start each day with a big yawn, and a round of downward dog & upward dog, my tail wagging, and super excited to see each person in my house,… can’t go wrong! Life ~ what a miracle!



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