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In our home, “I love you” is spoken so many times a day ~ I sometimes get concerned that it becomes watered down. What I know from growing up, and hearing those words more times a day than I could count, it gives you a sense of security that can’t be shaken. “I am loved” is a fact that you get to take to school with you, PE class, a your friend’s house, a party, as you fall asleep… “I am loved” is a tangible message that can repeat in your mind and be a comfort in many situations.

My daughters know they are loved. We are not a perfect family ~ not even ~ but love is the constant thread that weaves us together.

For one of our two girls, this message has become her mantra. She has an adorable habit of leaving love notes for all of us around the house. I guess that message of love needs to keep spilling out of her too! I never tire of finding them. {The photo above is the bottom of my computer monitor – and what I am staring at as I type this.} And in this way, I also know that even if we say “I love you” too much {is there such a thing?}, I am comforted in knowing they will never doubt it.


So, I pass this note {she created from a lettered dice game and left for us to find} on to you ~

eva notes 2:Suzee

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