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This Is How It Is

Let me start by saying that while these photos and this little story from my life tugs at my heartstrings, I’m not posting it to tug at yours necessarily. It’s hard when your dad/husband leaves for months at a time, but a lot of things in life are hard. It’s a sweet story, though, and […]

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time + patience = wow!

Last week while visiting family in Black Canyon, Arizona I had several hours with no plan. It was spring break for my daughters, and this sort of time of “nothing” was exactly what I needed. As the girls napped following a wild Jeep ride with their grandpa (as teenagers they nap—why didn’t this happen so easily […]

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Seoul Searching

Moving to a entirely different part of the world has gotten my wheels turning so fast, I haven’t really had time to process it all. Every facet of our life has changed in these eight months. More on THAT later. What I can tell you is that we absolutely love Korea and explore the magical […]

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I miss you grandma

My grandma C’s death visited me in a dream a few nights ago. In it, I got a phone call that she had just died and I cried and cried in my sleep – wishing that my girls had gotten to know her – that I had visited her more recently. It’s so fresh in […]

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the scariest day of my life

Ten years ago today was the scariest day of my life. Waking up my two-year-old daughter at 5:00 am, getting her ready, and heading out the door felt like pure torture. She didn’t understand where we were heading to, even though I had tried to explain it to her. My husband and I drove to […]

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