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Creative process: succulent wall art

Are you crazy about succulents? I am! They are so beautiful and versatile – and really easy to work with. I’ve created many potted succulent gardens, including a fairy garden. Also, I have really enjoyed propagating the little “babies” and using them in other arrangements, delighting in the fact that no purchase was necessary. I […]

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Making a “to be” list

November 19, 2013 A few weekends ago I was sick with a bad cold. The weekend was luckily not an over-scheduled one, and I was able to pretty much stay at home and take care of myself. To keep myself occupied, after doing the necessary household chores, I decided to create ~ my favorite way […]

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Journal Gem no.1

October 4, 2013 I journal, do you? My routine is to wake up early, meditate for 15-20 minutes, then journal for 10-15. I don’t know if it is common or not (let me know!), but these early morning waking moments are usually when the most insightful messages come through me. Sometimes I’ll get them in […]

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Laugh if you want to laugh…

written on August 26, 2013 (posted on September 20 ~ ‘cuz that’s my life!) So, I’m a dreamer. I have big dreams for my life – and I have literal nighttime dreams that leave me with important messages when I awake. I know I’m supposed to share these truths with people, so that’s what I’m […]

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On being bridge people…

Hello, welcome to our new home, this little big piece of us. We almost named this new venture “Bridges & Pearls” (instead of “Two Poppies”). All of our lives, Lynne and I have felt as if we were not on the inside looking out, but also not on the outside looking in ~ we see ourselves […]

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