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What does namaste mean anyway?

Namaste. This post is going to be a little experiment ~ writing first with my current understanding of this word and what it means to me, and finishing with the actual definition ~ to see how it varies. I have been told namasate means “the light in me sees the light that shines in you” (or similar variations). Light would be […]

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Love notes

In our home, “I love you” is spoken so many times a day ~ I sometimes get concerned that it becomes watered down. What I know from growing up, and hearing those words more times a day than I could count, it gives you a sense of security that can’t be shaken. “I am loved” […]

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Journal gem no. 2

So, needing a little oomph to my spirit, I opened up one of my journals, the one in which I write my poems and meditation insights, and came across this lovely and inspiring advice received from the universe during a meditation: (from 01.02.2012) When growth needs to occur in one person, it is an opportunity for […]

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Beautiful Baby Belly

Disclaimer: I’m a little, no a lot, biased towards this sweet mama and her darling boy. Not only do our husbands work together, she is also my neighbor and a dear friend. It was especially important to me that she have beautiful images of her adorable pregnant self because she endured almost the entire pregnancy […]

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My little teacher

We recently adopted a puppy. I swore I was not going to get another pet – but when my daughters were begging for a hamster I accidentally let the words slip, “I’d rather get another dog than a hamster”… no turning back from that comment in my house! So, my oldest (and most persistent) was […]

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