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The Back-Story Behind “Beautiful Rainbow World”

Behind every creative endeavor, there is a story of how it came to be. This is the true story of how our project “Beautiful Rainbow World” was sparked. After Lynne and I had given birth to our two oldest, Ellie and Paris, we were both so enamored with their unique beauty as both of them […]

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Making a “to be” list

November 19, 2013 A few weekends ago I was sick with a bad cold. The weekend was luckily not an over-scheduled one, and I was able to pretty much stay at home and take care of myself. To keep myself occupied, after doing the necessary household chores, I decided to create ~ my favorite way […]

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Opening The Creative Channel Part 2: The Picture Edition

Hello everyone! In just a day or two, Suzee and I will FINALLY be on the road to publishing our first book, A Beautiful Rainbow World.  Our Kickstarter campaign has been submitted for review and as soon as we get the okay, it’s a go! While this has been years in the making, for whatever […]

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Laugh if you want to laugh…

written on August 26, 2013 (posted on September 20 ~ ‘cuz that’s my life!) So, I’m a dreamer. I have big dreams for my life – and I have literal nighttime dreams that leave me with important messages when I awake. I know I’m supposed to share these truths with people, so that’s what I’m […]

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